University of Glasgow Divests!

Congratulations to the successful student lead campaign which will see the University of Glasgow divest 18 million pounds from fossil fuels — the first university in Europe to take this step.

Glasgow University is joining the fast growing global divestment movement, providing much needed hope to the prospect of climate action.

Students around the world are making it clear that the institutions entrusted to prepare them for the future cannot simultaneously bet against their future by profiting from corporations that plan to burn many times more carbon than our atmosphere can safely absorb. They are sending an unequivocal message that fossil fuel profits are illegitimate — on par with tobacco and arms profits — and that brings us a significant step closer to demanding that our politicians sever ties with this rogue industry and implement bold climate policies based on a clear, progressive “polluter pays” principle.

I commend the Glasgow campaigners and the University of Glasgow for their decision and look forward to seeing which UK institutions are next!