Street artist Shepard Fairey designs This Changes Everything movie poster

We’re excited to share the official poster for This Changes Everything the documentary! The poster was designed by street artist Shepard Fairey, whose most famous work includes Obey Giant

This Changes Everything_37x40 rnd 2-01
Fairey is also involved in the film as one of its Executive Producers, social and environmental justice being a longstanding theme in his work. In 2014, the release year of This Changes Everything the book, he created an impressive gallery based on the theme of climate denial. In a blog post, Fairey argued that:

“…you don’t need to be a “nature” person to understand that this planet is the one we humans and all other species have to live on… I meant to read This Changes Everything right when it came out, and should have, so don’t waste another minute like I did.. get the book now. This book thoroughly and compellingly examines the causes of Climate Change and the systemic roadblocks to reversing it.”

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