In Your Wildest Schemes: The Market vs. Climate Change

In an excellent new comic posted at The Nib, Australian cartoonist and journalist Sam Wallman brilliantly skewers the market’s stranglehold over global climate politics.

“In dozens of nations around the world, market mechanisms are being celebrated as a way to address climate change,” he writes. “And in Australia for example, the loss of the carbon price is being mourned as a massive step backwards. But carbon tax or no carbon tax, scientists & activists clearly state that the systems that got us into this mess are not systems that are cut out to save us from the onslaught of climate change.”

Don’t miss “In Your Wildest Schemes,” which boasts a colorful cast of characters (including an appearance by Naomi!) and a range of inspiring activist and Indigenous voices, and covers everything from disturbing geoengineering experiments to the rights of nature enshrined in the Bolivian constitution. You can check out more of Sam’s work here.