Democracy Now: Obama Is Beginning to Sound Like a Climate Leader, When Will He Act Like One?

Naomi Klein joins reporters Amy Goodman and Nermeen Shaikh on Democracy Now! to talk about climate change and President Obama’s plan to cut emissions. View the full transcript here.

In the second section of the show, Naomi reflects on being included in the major conference on climate change held at the Vatican. She discusses the Pope’s radical message not only on climate change, but the economy. Find the video and full transcript here.

Obama does not deserve to be called a climate leader simply because he has introduced what is a pretty good plan for cutting emissions from coal-fired power plants. I’m not saying that’s not important. It’s a step in the right direction… [But] when you take one step in the right direction and five steps in the wrong direction, you’re going in the wrong direction. You’re not going in the right direction. And we have to be honest about this, despite the fact that he’s under huge fire from the coal lobby right now. – Naomi Klein